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The Cannabis Corner Episode 44 – Michael Sassano, CEO and Chairman for Somai Pharmaceuticals

Cannabis Corner Podcast

This week Michael Sassano of Somai Pharmaceuticals , a Lisbon, Portugal based cannabis pharmaceutical manufacturer , joins the Corner to share his thoughts on Germany’s health minister embracing adult use cannabis, countries like Zimbabwe becoming large scale cannabis producers and he gives some insights on the question “How can cannabis pharmaceuticals and traditional/legacy cannabis coexist.”

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Sequire Cannabis & Psychedelic Conference 2022 – Somai Pharmaceuticals

YouTube – Somai Pharmaceuticals

Sequire Cannabis & Psychedelic Conference went live on April 20th with industry experts and investor 1:1s.

This 1-day virtual investor event was held via SRAX’s Sequire Virtual Events platform on April 20th, 2022. Nearly nine million active small-cap investors were invited to the event, which featured over 25 Cannabis & Psychedelic companies hosting 25 minute presentations, alongside keynotes highlighting prominent names in these spaces.

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CannaList Conversations with Michael Sassano, CEO and Chairman for Somai Pharmaceuticals

CannaList Conversations

We recently sat down with Michael Sassono – he is one of the most respected executives in the pharmaceutical cannabis space today. He was an early investor in the cannabis industry in the United States; today he is celebrated in mainstream business and biopharma media as an international authority on developing large-scale cannabis infrastructures throughout the world and the most advanced pharmaceutical cannabinoid products. Michael is also widely respected for successfully predicting long-term cannabis market trends and movements, which he generously shares in many forums.

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CPhI North America 2022: Pharmaceutical Cannabis Global Marketplace

YouTube – Somai Pharmaceuticals

Michael Sassano, CEO and Chairman, Somai Pharmaceuticals presented on Monday the 9th of May 2022 at 03:00pm on our SMART event platform with subject “Discussion of the Global Pharmaceutical Cannabis market and the history of recent growth”. CPhI SMART event platform is the perfect resource for gathering insights, networking and connecting with leading pharma players.

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