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SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals Enters German Market with Strategic Partnerships Securing €10 Million 2-year Distribution Deal

Dec. 14, 2023 by SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals announces two significant partnerships with Canymed GmbH and Grünhorn, as part of its entry into the German market.

LISBON, PORTUGAL, December 14, 2023 / — SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals Unipessoal LDA (“SOMAÍ”), a leading EU-GMP European pharmaceutical and biotech company specializing in the distribution of cannabinoid-containing pharmaceuticals globally, announces two significant partnerships to strengthen its position in the German market.

Two-Year Distribution Agreement with Canymed GmbH

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals has entered into a two-year distribution agreement with Canymed GmbH (“Canymed”), a pharmaceutical wholesaler of medical cannabis and supplies to pharmacies, doctors’ practices, and hospitals throughout Germany. This collaboration enables SOMAÍ to leverage Canymed’s extensive distribution network to ship its high-quality cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products to Germany. The partnership aims to meet the growing demand for innovative healthcare solutions in the German market.

Co-Branding Agreement with Grünhorn

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals has made another strategic move by partnering with Grünhorn, a leading healthcare brand in the cannabis sector, to create an exclusive co-branded cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical product line in Germany. This line will include various ratios of THC/CBD, including 25:1, 10:10, and 50:1. The collaboration combines SOMAÍ’s expertise in creating personalized cannabis-based medications with Grünhorn’s commitment to providing the highest quality products in Germany. The exclusive product line is designed to offer patients in Germany a unique range of medicinal cannabis options that cater to their individual needs.

10 Million Euro Contract Represents Milestone Achievement

These strategic partnerships result in a 10 million euro contract, highlighting SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals’ impact in Germany. The financial commitment reflects mutual goals.

“We are excited about the opportunities these partnerships bring to SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals and our commitment to providing cutting-edge cannabinoid-containing pharmaceuticals to patients globally. The collaborations with Canymed GmbH and Grünhorn Pharmacy underscore our dedication to meeting the evolving healthcare needs in Germany,” said Michael Sassano, Founder and CEO of SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals.

“Canymed is proud to be partnering with SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals, contributing to the distribution of advanced pharmaceutical solutions. Together, we look forward to making a positive impact on healthcare in Germany,” commented Matthias Fischer, Founder and Managing Director of Canymed.

“Grünhorn is honored to combine Somai’s expertise as a renowned manufacturer of cannabis products with the trust we enjoy as a health brand in the cannabis sector. This partnership aligns with our mission to grant patients access to innovative and effective healthcare options,” said Stefan Fritsch, Founder of the Grünhorn-Network.

About SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals LDA
SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals is a large-scale EU-GMP manufacturer of cannabis products concentrating on the highest quality medical-grade pharmacological applications. The company invests in the extraction, research, development, formulation, and distribution of EU GMP-pharmaceutical market-authorized cannabinoid products. SOMAÍ is committed to revolutionizing healthcare through cannabis-based treatments. For more information, please visit SOMAÍ’s website.

About Canymed GmbH
Canymed is a Leipzig-based, approved, and fully licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler with a track record of over 5 years. It has concluded a Master supply agreement with the Grünhorn pharmacy. For more information, please visit

About Grünhorn
Germany’s largest cannabis network has developed under the Grünhorn umbrella brand since 2018. As a leading healthcare brand in the cannabis sector, the brand stands for high-quality and innovative products in the field of medical cannabis and over-the-counter CBD products, as well as optimal service for patients and pharmacies. To ensure this, the brand sets the highest quality standards for the companies operating under it and the private-label products it sells. From specialized cannabis pharmacies to wholesalers and manufacturers, the Grünhorn network offers a comprehensive range of products and services under one brand that patients and customers can always rely on.

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