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Press Release

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals is thrilled to partner with the groundbreaking medical cannabis study, T21

Dec. 12, 2023 by SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals

Launched in 2019 by Drug Science, and now over 4000 patients in, T21 is building the scientific evidence base for the safety and efficacy of Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs), with the aim of increasing UK patients’ access to these medicines on the NHS. The project does this by allowing registered UK patients to access discounted private prescriptions of these legal medicines, which cover a broad range of formulations, including various flowers and oils, as well as divergent routes of administration, which go way beyond vaping, covering capsules, inhalers, and sublingual administrations.

As a partner,  SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals will help to ensure the future of the project, allowing patients to continue with their discounted medications, and for scientists to collect important health data on these drugs and their effects. Along with other partners, we will also allow T21 to extend its formulary — by adding more cannabis-based medicines and offering more choices to the study’s patients.

Michael Sassano, Founder, Chairman & CEO of SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals says:

“We are delighted to be joining T21 and support one of the largest global registries on Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products. Our goal is to provide access to the most comprehensive range of cannabis products to UK patients and gather real-world evidence on the transformative effects of cannabis-based therapeutics. SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals aims to provide best-in-class care globally, with entry into the UK as a significant milestone.”