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What’s The Future Of The Cannabis Industry? 28 Experts Share Their Perspectives

Disruptor Daily

Bob Dylan once said that the times are a-changin’, and no industry echoes that message like the cannabis sector. National and global attitudes towards cannabis are in flux, but the trend in developed countries is consistent: cannabis is being legalized, and businesspeople are capitalizing in a major way.

Here are industry insiders’ views on how the future of cannabis will unfold:

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Cannabis Magazine

Want to know more about one of the world’s largest greenhouses for growing cannabis?
We sat down with Michael Sassano, Founder of Solaris Farms to talk about his journey into cannabis, operating a 350,000 sq. ft greenhouse in the middle of the desert, relationships between dispensaries and grows, the future of the United States and its relationship to the rest of the world, technology and more.

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Define “Organic”: The Cannabis Movement Is Stuck On Labeling

Dope Magazine

Michael Sassano of Nevada’s Green Cross of America said all cannabis grown in the state is done without pesticides. “Colorado is a little behind the newer states like Nevada, where it’s automatic that [cannabis] has to be pesticide-free,” he said.

Interestingly enough, Sassano said growers will try to get away with using harsh pesticides. “It doesn’t matter, technically,” Sassano said, “if there was pesticide on the cannabis before, because once you burn it or turn it into liquid, nobody’s ever going to know.” One of the biggest concerns among some growers is what could happen if cannabis was legalized federally and bigger corporations started getting into cultivating it. “Monsanto could suddenly decide they’re going to modify strains and get into doing what they did to the American food source,” Sassano said.

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