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UK to see largest medical cannabis market growth in Europe 2020 to 2025

Yahoo Finance UK

Britain is set to see the greatest cannabis medical market growth rate in Europe between 2020-2025.
According to a new report, entitled European Cannabis 2020, by international cannabis market research firm Brightfield Group, expectations to allow for domestic cultivation and general practitioners prescribing in the coming years will result in a 2020-2025 compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 98%.

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‘The sweet spot for cannabis business opportunities is somewhere between medical and recreational’ – experts explain how to find it

Business Insider
Mike Sassano, the founder of Nevada cultivation brand Solaris Farms, explained that many customers consume marijuana for medical purposes, whether it’s apparent or not.

“That is not to say that there aren’t purely recreational users also, but cannabis is very much a medicinal tool in general,” said Sassano, who’s also chairman of the board for Somai Pharma. “Even most vice users enjoy cannabis to chill out and destress, not to party.”

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Best practices for securing your cannabis grow operations and supply chains

Security Infowatch

The cannabis industry comes with its own set of inherent security risks, especially in vertically integrated grow operations. Risks involved range from the basic physical security of a facility to intangible problems with cybersecurity, compliance, and along the supply chain. Simple physical additions such as full-time security or alarm systems can sort certain issues. However, abstract risks like cybersecurity can be more challenging to guard against. Regardless, minimizing risk can help to save money and headaches and ensure that a business can operate smoothly and efficiently.

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Opening the Pot: Vegas Cannabis Industry Moving Ahead Amidst COVID

Millennial Magazine

Vegas relies on the more than 42 million tourists to maintain its economy, so when COVID-19 (COVID) hit in March, it became one of the hardest-hit cities in the world. Casinos, restaurants, and entertainment venues shuttered, leading to a massive wave of layoffs across the city. In the midst of the pandemic, the cannabis industry caught a break– it was declared an essential business. The local cannabis industry relies on Vegas for more than 70 to 80 percent of sales.

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