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PREDICTIONS | Want to know the future? There are two ways: a crystal ball or really smart people (pages 74-75)

B2B Wholesaler Magazine

Mike Sassano, CEO and Chairman of Somai Pharmaceutical: “2021 is shaping up to be the most explosive country-by-country cannabis legalization movement yet. The political and individual wills have gained a hefty majority, which will mark 2021 as the year everywhere gets these initiatives passed and by the end of the year there will only be some really awful and strict countries with no human rights that are against legal medical cannabis.”

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9 Things to Consider When Raising Capital for Startups in Europe

Cannabis Business Executive

Since my first job on Wall Street at Lehman Brothers, I was taught to raise money. And now, with a landmark vote by the EU to reclassify cannabis as medicine, the race to raise cannabis money is on.
Europe has watched cannabis reform unfold in the US and Canada for some time; European countries have accordingly followed North American trends for every industry group. Business creativity knows no borders and raising capital has no limits.
Here are 9 considerations for raising capital for European startups:

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