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Michael Sassano & Antonio Guedelha: GMP #15 – Quality Control Laboratory Optimization in GMP

Cannabis Law Report
The management of a Pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratory is a complex task that contributes to monitoring and supporting every part of your product’s quality. Although the primary functional aspects of the laboratory are sampling, sample preparation, analysis, documentation and investigations on the product manufacturing, the Quality Control (QC) area also manages safety, the entry and exit of persons and materials, behavior, material stock, reactants, and standards.

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The Right Way to Start A European Cannabis Business


As the cannabis wave envelopes Europe, so too are entrepreneurs rushing to capitalize on the next biggest market in the world. The European Union industry is tiny right now, with 35 licensed EU producers and 100+ distributors, mainly in Germany. Simultaneously, the United States has over 30,000+ license sets across 50 states, so there is a long way to go before Europe reaches its potential as the second-largest cannabis market. The EU needs entrepreneurs to build the infrastructure necessary to support future market demand. But as intelligent as you are and as effective a businessperson as you think you are, there are a few big mistakes you can avoid in starting your cannabis business in the EU. Cultivators, manufacturers and even, to some extent, distributors all have different yet significant hurdles they must consider.

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International Cannabis Reform Ramps Up in Europe, South America

Green Market Report

Many countries waiting to see how efforts unfold elsewhere.
Global cannabis reform is gaining momentum. What started as a ripple in three countries has become a global policy movement.

While many countries, primarily in Africa and Asia, continue to ban cannabis, a hotbed of reform activity is transpiring everywhere else.

Stateside, U.S. cannabis advocates continue to push for federal and local reform. Simultaneously, notable international cases, including that of WNBA star Brittney Griner, remind us that even though reform is underway, it is far from the endpoint proponents would like to reach.

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Michael Sassano & Antonio Guedelha: GMP #14 Client Management in GMP

Cannabis Law Report

Pharmaceutical cannabis companies with industrial manufacturing facilities operate in a global market and can cater to a broad range of potential clients. You can sell cannabis products to the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) markets, finished products can be white labeled, and branded finished products can be sold to pharmacies. You can also engage in contract manufacturing. The main differences between these options are whether you sell to pharmacies or other companies.

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Germany’s Move to Legalize Marijuana Will Spark a Wildfire In Europe: Mike Sassano

My Cannabis

According to Mike Sassano, CEO of Somai Pharmaceutical, this move is likely to spark a wildfire across Europe. “Europe is officially moving towards full legalization with the bold moves by the German Health Ministry. The initial proposal is being floated and kicks off the public debate that will shape the rules further. Germany has long been the leader in medical cannabis reform and all the other countries in EU will follow with similar versions once completed. As countries position behind Germany, so too will the EU parliament and UN be forced to recognize that their rules need modernizing, which is no surprise to these over-arching bodies. 2023 will be a cannabis wild fire in Europe and Germany is the leader as the biggest EU economy that generally sets the trend and agendas,” Mr. Sassano said.

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