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What start-ups can learn from highly regulated industries

Startup Observer

Start-ups operating in highly-regulated sectors, like the world of pharmaceuticals, have to navigate many more obstacles compared to other businesses – whether that’s understanding laws, dealing with medical boards, building trust in their company or translating insights from the laboratory to the real world. But I believe that the lessons learned from handling these obstacles can help any business grow and scale.

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A Very Unhappy Christmas

All through the house, not a creature was stirring—not even a Congressperson as time ran out to advance cannabis reforms in 2022. United States politics once again upended the global cannabis market and it was a bloodbath selling spree. As if the continued 2019 drop would never end, the 2020 fake-out run foreshadowed what would come next legislatively. The Un-SAFE Banking Act, the HOPE-less Act, and the No-GRAM Act are better names for current regulatory pushes.

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