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Our product categories

Our product categories

We craft products for today, tomorrow, and beyond with unparalleled knowledge of how to make what patients need

Oral Solutions

Oral solutions are carefully crafted to deliver consistent and accurate dosages, ensuring reliable effects for patients. Oral solutions provide a user-friendly alternative for patients looking to integrate cannabis into their treatment regimen with precision and ease. SOMAÍ’s oral solutions portfolio, based on three full spectrum cannabis extracts’ types, combines a large range of THC/CBD ratios to cover a wide variety of medical conditions.
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Proprietary formulations

Proprietary formulations represent unique and specialized blends to address specific therapeutic needs. These formulations involve a proprietary combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds, tailored to provide enhanced efficacy and targeted relief for specific medical conditions. SOMAÍ’s proprietary 10:10 series is a combination of different excipients, terpenes and nano emulsions designed for various conditions.
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Inhalation Oils

Designed for vaporization, these formulations allow controlled cannabinoid inhalation without traditional smoking’s combustion. The fast onset of effects makes vape oils a preferred choice for those seeking rapid relief. Vape oils provide patients with a modern and efficient way to incorporate cannabis into their treatment plans. Our premium vape oil available in multiple distinct terpene formulas, is an alternative to vaporizing dried flower.

Oral sprays

The spray delivery format provides convenient administration with precise dosage with a peppermint taste profile in a balanced THC/CBD ratio. The fast onset of effects makes them suitable for patients seeking quick relief. Additionally, oral sprays’ compact and portable nature enhances their accessibility, allowing patients to manage their symptoms conveniently throughout the day.

Soft Gel capsules

The soft gel capsule delivery format allows comfortable administration and precise dosage for the convenience of patients. Soft gel capsules are easy to swallow, making them a convenient option for patients who prefer oral administration. The standardized dosing and ease of integration into daily routines make soft gel capsules a practical and patient-friendly option for those seeking the benefits of cannabinoids in a pharmaceutical-grade form.

Dried Cannabis Flower

Dried medical cannabis flower is a natural and unprocessed form of therapeutic cannabis, containing a diverse array of cannabinoids. It offers a versatile way to manage symptoms and provides customized and fast relief, particularly beneficial in medical conditions requiring a rapid onset. SOMAÍ procures high-quality GMP flowers utilizing selected cultivars grown both indoors and greenhouse.